About us

NATURIQ is a combination of nature, wisdom and innovation which brings enjoyment of what is good for both your health and taste buds.

We are a small family business focused on selling organic food. We can guarantee that we use only quality ingredients which are beneficial for the body and their production is sustainable for the environment. Our products are minimally processed which means that the methods used for their production is almost the same as if you tried to make them in your own kitchen. Everything we produce must meet 3 basic principles: functionality, nutritional potential and emotional potential.

Our products must have the nutritional and health benefits that we aim to provide. Also, they must be minimally processed and contain all the nutritional elements ranging from vitamins to trace elements important for producing energy in our body whilst not putting extra pressure on the digestive system. We want our products not only to speak to "minds" of our customers but also to their "heart". They must taste great without any artificial ingredients, food coloring and taste or odour enhancers.

Our story

As far as our personal journeys to a healthier lifestyle are concerned, each of us has his own one, although there were many similarities. And then one day when our paths crossed on the trip with friends a new, common journey has begun: our project NATURIQ.

Our stories may ring a bell with you, too. So, how has it all started?

  • Breakfast - nothing, or a cup of coffee with a cigarette
  • Lunch - nothing again because the meeting with a boss is starting within 15 minutes, or a quick lunch that consisted of any kind of meal splashed with 'UBS' (Universal Brown Sauce) in a cantine for a meal ticket
  • Dinner - stopping at McDonalds after work
  • After dinner - looking for late-night snacks; anything sweet or salty would do

And so it went for a number of years. The fact that there are several cases of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases in our families did not trouble us at all. We were 'happy campers'. Until Andrej's regular check-up showed that at 33 he suffered from arterial hypertension and Marcel, a bit younger, had found that none of his clothes fit him properly anymore.

That's when it hit us. Since then things slowly started to change. However, it's always hard to kick the old habits so the change was not so fast. It all went step by step, often led only by our instincts.

At first, we realised that we cannot stand the cantine lunch with 'UBS' anymore. But then there was nothing left to eat... So we started with preparing home-cooked lunches.

After a while, even though our cooking skills were not the best, we mastered several quick and easy meals. We also realised that considering what can be found on the shelves in supermarkets nowadays it's worth to study the contents to be sure that everything on our plates is prepared from quality ingredients and has a nutritional value. Thanks to that we discovered various interesting combinations which beat the 'meals' in the cantine hands down.

Our main goal, though, was to improve our overall wellbeing so the change of the old lifestyle did not only concern our food and eating habits. At the same time, we both increased physical activity, not only to lose weight but also because of hours spent sitting in front of the PC at work which put a great strain on the spine. We also quit smoking which used to be our guilty plesure for years. So, in the name of a healthier lifestyle one day we simply put an end to it and went from heavy smokers to having no cigaretters.

Voilà... and food started to have flavours again! Finally, we were able to recognise fine tastes and odours,too. The return of our taste buds back to nature and bodies to physical activities incited our curiosity and need to discover new things.

This transformation took approximately 5 years. Suddenly, now many doors are open. But still, we know we are not there yet. In the end of the day, the finish is not so important, what matters is the journey which led to it. In terms of our project we would like to share our experiences with you. We hope that our stories can inspire a lot of you who also get worried after getting their medical results, can't find any piece in the wardrobe that still fits them or often feel tired and in bad mood.

So,to inspire you, let us be specific. What has this change brought us?

  • For last five years we have not fell seriously ill
  • We have learnt a lot about food as such (thanks to this knowledge we realised that some things should not be called food but rather dangerous chemical experiments)
  • We are no longer overweight
  • We have increased the variety of our menu (adding in various ingredients that we would not label as 'food' in the past)
  • We found out that less is more (if you eat quality food smaller amounts can fill you up)
  • Andrej has a much better and calmer sleep
  • We understood the value of healthy and balanced diet. It is really important to think about what we put in our mouth. We eat everything including the sweets but we excluded the processed foods with the exception of a quality dark chocolate

Ever since we started to transform our lifestyle and choose better food we are thinking about the food all the time, not just when sitting by the kitchen table. After a while, our research into healthy eating started to consume more and more time. Surprisingly, it did not feel as an unpleasant chore but it became a hobby which inspired the main idea of NATURIQ : "Enjoy what's good!" .

We believe that what's good for us can be inspirational for you as well.

Our vision

Our goal is to inspire people to change their eating habits which will benefit their long-term health. Also, we aim to increase awareness of the community about how the food is processed and when methods used for processing can actually destroy its nutritional value. We don't intend it to be a one-sided monologue but would like to get inspired and build an active community and simplify access to healthy organic foods.

We are aware of the fact that currently there is a rising number of people who, because of various health issues (celiac disease, diabetes, lactose intolerance, anemia, hypertension etc) must carefully consider what they put on their plate and want to buy the quality foods. Thanks to how we process our products and mainly due to their nutritional value we want to make access to healthy foods, which would not only please the taste buds but also improved overall health, easier for them.

We are also focusing on the people, who have realised that it's better to eat quality food than pay a lot of money for treatment of side effects caused by wrong eating habits.

Besides that we bring inspirational information about healthy food and lifestyle which would help our customers to build upon their knowledge and bring more variety on their table.

The ingredients we use are officially certified as organic and have passed various quality tests. We can assure you that our food is:

  • Free of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and antibiotics
  • Not genetically modified/GMO free
  • Without added sugar
  • Free of artificial food coloring and taste enhancers
  • Have a trackable origin

Apart from that it:

  • Has a natural shape, taste and odour
  • Has a natural nutritional value

Have you ever thought which of the products you finnd on supermarket shelves these days could tick off all above mentioned boxes? Food for thought, isn't it?